Get A Replacement Social Security Card If You Have Lost It

Have you forgotten your social security number, and you don’t have your card? Don’t worry, as it has happened to other people before, too. In that situation, your number can be retrieved at the social security office by providing your birth certificate and license. You then get a replacement social security card, not a new number or anything. If you don’t have your birth certificate, then you have to figure out what to do to get it first.


While there is a process, hopefully you have your other documents and have just forgotten the number. It would be a good thing, too, if you weren’t in the middle of a job application when that happened. If so, hopefully they can wait until you get your card in the mail. You do usually need to have already provided a copy of your card to get paid though. It is the law, so you can see how you don’t want to get tangled up in needing a new card without the proper documents.

Replace Your SS Card If It Is In Bad Shape

I have been tangled up in the catch 22 of the whole missing or lose social security card and no birth certificate before, once. Don’t ask me how it happened. Young people do funny things sometimes, and I just didn’t take good care of those documents. My birth certificate is barely legible now, and guess what, I still have it, the original. I haven’t had to use it since the last time I got a social security card.

The social security card I have is in sad shape, too and you need tips on replacing a lost social card. So it sounds like I need to do something soon about both documents while it is easier. Perhaps you are in a similar situation, and well, you never know when you will need those documents. Think about tax time, and you certainly need your social security number. It also of course pays to have that number memorized. For further details visit