How Do I Replace A Lost Social Security Card?

If you’ve lost or misplaced your social security card don’t worry. There are several ways to get a replacement card. First, make sure that it’s really lost and not simply misplaced.

If it is indeed lost, gather your birth certificate, photo identification (driver’s license or identification card) and if you have a passport, grab that too.

Visit Social Security Office

You can go into any social security office and request a replacement card. You’ll have to fill out a form and give them the original birth certificate, photo identification, and passport if you have it.

You will receive your new card in the mail in about two to four weeks after you have gone into their office. Your new card should be checked over to ensure that the number is identical to your number (errors rarely happen) and that your name is spelled correctly.

Visit Website Alternatively

If for some reason you can’t go to a social security office in person, you can go to their website and print off the required form to get a replacement card.

You’ll have to send this form along with your original driver’s license, birth certificate and so on into their office. The address is listed on the website.

Once they receive your form they will make the required copies of your documents and return your originals to you in the mail. Your documents will arrive in a manilla envelope and be unharmed.

In approximately two to four weeks you’ll receive your new social security card. Again, be sure to look it over for accuracy. If there are any errors, be sure to let them know immediately so that they can rectify it immediately.

Keep your new card in a safe place and take it out only when you must show it to your employer or another government business.

Visit, if your social security card is lost and you are looking for effective resources.