How Long Does It Take To Get A Social Security Card For New Immigrants Coming To The US?

If you are an immigrant coming into the United States to work, and you will need a Social Security card in order to do the work you are hired for, you will have to apply for a Social Security card at least a month before you start your job. It typically arrives in three weeks, but you really need to do this earlier in case there any complications with the application or the information that you are providing. You will need to visit a local office to submit all of this information. If you need any extra information, they can provide that for you there.

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What If You Didn’t Ask For A Social Security Number When You Applied For Your Visa?

If you did fill out Form DS 230 or Form DS 260 there should be no need to apply for a Social Security number separately. This is going to be assigned to any immigrant that is coming into the United States. It is simply part of your visa application. This will be mailed separately to you, and if you have lost yours, you can go through a similar process and have it sent within a couple of weeks. It is highly recommended that you call up the Social Security department if you have not received yours three weeks after it was sent in the mail as there might be a hold up at the office, or it may have been lost along the way.

What To Do If You Need To Get One

By bringing in your machine-readable immigrant visa, or if you happen to have a permanent resident card, this can serve to prove who you are. It’s also necessary to bring in the birth certificate from the country that you are from in order to get your Social Security card. The process is very similar to all of the others where a Social Security number is provided. Whether you are getting a replacement social security card, or if you have had never had one before, these tips will help you get one within the next few weeks.