Identity Theft Guide

What To When Your Social Security Card is Stolen


What to Do Immediately

  • Call the Companies where your stolen identity was used
    • Call the Companies Fraud Department and let them know your identity was stolen
    • Close or suspend any accounts you have open with them
    • Change all logins/pins, and passwords to something unique
  • Call the all three credit bureaus and request a Fraud Alert and Credit Report
    • Fraud Alerts will make it harder for the criminal to use your identity
    • There is no cost to set up a Fraud Alert
    • You will receive a letter from each credit company to confirm the alert has been placed

  • Contact the FTC to Report Identity Theft
    • You will be provided a form to fill out a describe the theft
    • You can print the form to save for your records
  • File a Report with Local Police Department
    • Bring your printed FTC form
    • a government issued id
    • File a police report and ask for a copy

What To Do Next

  • Close any fraudulent accounts opened in your name
    • Request the business closes the fraudulent account
    • Ask for a letter confirming the account is close
    • Keep copies for your records
  • Work on getting fraud charges removed
    • Each fraud department will have their own process to remove the charges
    • Ask for copies and keep for your records
  • Contact Each Credit Bureau and request any negative items on your credit to be removed
    • Be sure to include all of your items from your identity theft reports
  • If you have had a social security card name change be sure to check both your current name and previous name for fraudulent charges.
  • Contact the Social Security Administration and make them aware of the identity theft
    • If you Social Security Card has been compromised you can work with them to resolve it
    • You don’t have to get a social security card name change after identity theft
    • You can also keep the same social security number

Contact the SSA for more information.

Note: You can also activate an extending Credit Freeze. This may require you to go through additional steps of verification when requesting new lines of credit.