Is It Really True That You Can Apply For A Social Security Card Online?

Social security card applications are available online, but you can’t necessarily submit the application online. If you think you can, and you click on the links that tell you that you can, wait to see what you find out. You get a little bit of the runaround believe it or not. Truth be told, you should only be getting information about a new card from the Social Security Administration itself.

Online Application For A New Social Security Card

I’m not trying to be harsh but direct. I have been told by many people that you can fill out an application online for a new social security card, and to my knowledge, it simply is not true. Don’t believe everything you read, and make sure that you get information directly from the source. If you are able to fill the application out and submit documents virtually, the Social Security Administration itself will say it’s so.

Take Print Of Form And Mail To The Social Security Office

Now, while you may not be able to submit everything online, it does appear that you can print your form and mail it to the social security office. Does that mean you just make copies of your two forms of identification? It would appear that is the answer, which truthfully, for most people, is more of a pain that it is a help. Do you have a printer at home?

Many people don’t keep printers at home anymore. They are great assets, but they are expenses that most people don’t find necessary. If you do have a printer, then you can easily print out the form and make the process of applying for a new social security card less of a hassle. If you don’t, it looks like the best way to getting a replacement social security card is to show up at the office in person, prepared. The idea that you can do everything virtually is, so far anyway, not reality. To know more visit