Obtaining A Social Security Card Name Change

Exploring The Reasons And Process For Obtaining A Social Security Card Name Change

As an American, your social security number is one of the most important identifying documents you will ever own. If you do not have a social security card, you will need to obtain one right away. However, some circumstances will require you to replace or correct your card.

If you happen to change your name, you will need to obtain a new social security card, which reflects the change. Within this guide, you will learn about the reasons and procedure for obtaining a social security card name change.

Obtaining A Social Security Card Name Change

Exploring The Reasons

First and foremost, you should take the time to learn about the numerous reasons for obtaining a name change. Although many people fail to realize it, a woman’s name will most likely change, after a marriage. This is especially true, if the woman decides to take her partner’s last name. This is certainly the most common reason for a name change, but it is not the only one.

As a woman, you can always change your name, after a divorce. Although this is not a requirement, a lot of women will reclaim their original name. If you follow suit, you will also need to make sure that the change appears on your social security card! Finally, there are a few others reasons for changing your name. If you want to escape your past or just dislike your current name, you should opt for a change.

A Simple Process

Initially, the process of obtaining a social security card name change might seem complicated and time consuming. Thankfully, this is not the case. In fact, it is possible to make this change fairly easily. The only way it will be complicated is if you do not have the necessary documents.

For instance, you will need your driver’s license or a passport. You will also need to show your marriage records or the court’s order for your name change.

If you have these documents, the process will not be overly complicated. However, if you do not have them, you will need to put in a little more effort to make the change happen.

The SS-5 Form

Now, it is time to begin filling out the necessary form. You will want to download the SS-5 form. This document can be downloaded for free online. Printing 2 is recommended and will help to alleviate the sting of mistakes.

While filling out the form, you will need to input a handful of information, including your original name and your current name. You will also need to provide the SSA with information regarding your birth and your parents.

Be sure to take your time and fill out the form with precision. Only use blue or black ink! Once the form is completed, you will need to mail it the nearest social security office. You can access a list of offices, by visiting the SSA’s website.

If you prefer to rush the process, you can always take the day off and drop it off in person. Remember to take your time and enter the correct information, or you may face delays!

Examining The Process For Obtaining A Social Security Card Name Change

Examining The Process For Obtaining A Social Security Card Name Change

If you live and work in the United States, you need a social security card and number. Without this document, you will find it tremendously difficult to find work, obtain a place of residence and apply for government assistance. Unfortunately, there will come a time, when you may need to replace your card. If you need to have a social security card name change, you will need to go through a lengthy process and will be required to submit the appropriate documents. More details will be provided below.

Reasons For A Name Change

Although many people do not think about it, the majority of individuals will actually change their names, at least once. There are numerous reasons for changing your name, but the most common include getting married and getting divorced. Women commonly take their partner’s name, when they get married. When getting divorced, they can opt to reclaim their last name, if desired. When this change takes place, the name will differentiate from that on the Social Security Card, so it too will need to be changed.

Also, some individuals will change their names for other purposes. Remember that, if you do, you will need to also make changes to your social security card.

Repercussions of Failing To Fix Your Card

If you fail to correct your social security card, you could run into an abundance of problems. You could run into delays, when attempting to file your income taxes. At the same time, an incorrect social security card could result in wages being posted incorrectly to your social security record. With this in mind, rectifying the problem immediately is highly recommended. As soon as your name changes, you should also take actions to fix your social security card.

What Is Needed

In order to fix your card, you will need a number of different documents. The required documents will vary depending on your citizenship status. Those that have been born in the United States will need documents, which prove their citizenship. You can use a birth certificate or your United States passport for this specific purpose. At the same time, you will need to prove that your name change has legally taken place. Below, you will find a list of documents, which can be used for this purpose.

  • Marriage records
  • Your divorce decree
  • A court order for the change
  • Certificate of Naturalization with your new name

You will also need to prove your identity. This can be done with a United States driver’s license or passport. If you do not have access to these documents, you can use a military, school or employee identification card instead.

The Final Step

After you’ve obtained everything that is needed, you will need to move to the last step. You should head to the official website of the Social Security Administration. Once you’ve landed on their site, you will be able to download and print the SS-5 Form. This form must be filled out in its entirety and mailed back to the Social Security Administration, in order to obtain a new card.

How To Get A Social Security Card Name Change

How To Get A Social Security Card Name Change 

If you are planning on getting married, you will need to apply for a social security card name change. There are several ways to get a replacement card, but you will need to take the proper steps to ensure that you complete the form and provide the appropriate documents to the Social Security Administration. Below you will discover a few tips that will help you get a corrected social security card.

Marriage or Divorce  

If you have your name changed legally through a divorce, marriage, or legally through a court order, you will need to apply for a new social security card. If the reason that you need a new social security card is listed above, you will need to provide the Social Security Administration with certified documents that show proof that your name has been changed. A marriage certificate, divorce decrement, or court order documents are required.

No Photocopies 

The SSA will reject any applications that are submitted with photocopies of certified documents. If you are concerned about losing your personal documents, you should take a copy of them, before mailing them to SSA or apply in person at one of the local offices. If you decide to apply in person, you will need to obtain an appointment to speak with a representative. You can do this by visiting the SSA website or calling the local office.

Filing for a Relative or Spouse 

If you are filing on behalf of a relative or spouse, you will need to provide the representative with your proof of identity. A driver’s license, social security number, or birth certificate will be acceptable, but if you have all of these documents in your possession, you should take them with you to the SSA office. You must prove that you are kin to the applicant, so a marriage certificate may also be needed.


If you are in need of a corrected social security card, you will be happy to learn that this service is provided to all American citizens for free of charge. Never try to apply online, because applications for a new, replacement, or corrected social security card are not accepted. The reason for this is because the SSA needs genuine proof that your name has been changed legally.

Unexpired Identity Document 

If your name was changed two-four years prior to you applying for a corrected social security card, you will need to provide evidence of a legal name change, along with an identity document. The document must include your prior name, so the representative will know that you are who you are claiming to be.


If you fail to apply for your corrected social security card in a timely manner, you may end up facing long delays in your tax returns, social security benefits, and wage processing. It is best to take the responsibility and apply as soon as it is necessary.


It is important to note that if for reason the SSA representative is not satisfied with the documents you provided, your application may very well be rejected. If you have any questions, be sure to visit the SSA website or local office.

Change Name On Social Security Card Info

Social Security Card Name Change

Recently married, divorced or have a desire to have a new name? Then you will want to update your Social Security Card to your correct name. By law your name must be correct on your Social Security Card. You can do this by simply contacting your local SSA office or mailing in the required documents.


Social Security Card Name Change


  • There are a few simple steps to processing your Social Security Card Name change below:
  • Show the required documents to prove your identity. You may need to also prove you are a U.S. citizen or have lawful noncitizen status as well.
  • Check with the SSA to see what documents you need. The list can be found here: Required Documents
  • Fill out a completed SS-5 form and ensure you print and sign the document.
  • Take or mail your application to your local Social Security Office to complete the social security card name change process


For further instructions, please visit the Social Security Administration website.

Note: After you change your name on your social security card you may want to update your records with the following:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Your United States Passport
  • United States Post Office
  • IRS
  • Banks and Credit Cards
  • Professional Licenses such as Real Estate Licenses


It’s also recommend you hold on to your old identification. It may be necessary to provide showing what your name use to be. Failure to update the Social Security Administration of your name change could be costly by affecting your tax refunds; miscalculate your wages added to your Social Security account, which could also reduce your Social Security benefits in the future.

Your Number Will Not Change With A Social Security Name Change

Once you receive your new Social Security Card in the mail, it will have your updated name and your existing number. Your social security number given to you at birth will remain the same.

How To Protect You Social Security Number

It is recommended that you do not carry your Social Security Card with you unless absolutely necessary. Social Security Cards are often compromised and can lead to identity theft. If you are a victim of identity theft make sure to contact the SSA right away.

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